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New York City, April 1, 2014

Saxophonist Steve Carrington is jazzed to announced the release of his new album “A Caring Tone” on Samech Records. Playing deftly on the artist’s name, this album is a master stroke from a musician who moonlights in the medical arts, bringing tender TLC to ten tunes. Whatever may be ailing you, “A Caring Tone” is the RX the Jazz Healer ordered: Sweet medicine for the soul.

Now based in the Bronx, the Jazz Healer was born in the cradle of jazz: Baltimore, the swinging city that produced such music legends as Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway, and Chick Webb. Of his musical birthplace, Carrington proudly says: “Being from Baltimore is a big part of the sound and soul that comes from my horn.”

With ten tracks, “A Caring Tone” showcases the Jazz Healer’s impressive range of talents as he swings on standards and captivates with compositions keyed to become classics. Listen as Steve gives jazz standards their due, while giving newer tunes — including his own compositions — his signature “old-school” touch.

Track 1 – “Achi Melech Garrett” (Hebrew for “My Brother, King Garrett”) is a tribute to Steve’s close friend, mentor, and fan Kenny Garrett — who, upon first hearing it, proclaimed, “It’s working for me!”  Ever since their fateful meeting years ago at NYC jazz mecca The Blue Note, these two talented artists keep in touch across time and distance, jamming regularly via FaceTime on their iPhones and iPods!

Track 2 – “Just B’Cuz,” was inspired by a conversation Steve had with his cousin, and it’s a lyrical, light-hearted lesson in letting go. “He was buggin’, so I told him, ‘take it easy, man — just be,” Steve recalls. Hence the witty, two-edged title: Just Because … is also ‘Just Be, Cuz’ — and it translates to a terrific tune sure to let any listener relax and “Just Be.”

Track 3 – “For Regulars Only” is a Dexter Gordon standard. “It swings — it’s so happy!” Steve says with the swingin’ smile his fans have come to know and love — and the Jazz Healer’s interpretation of this upbeat classic is sure to spread that same smile.

Track 4 – Stevie Wonder has been a constant inspiration to the Jazz Healer: “I grew up hearing his music – I just love it.”  A Wonder gem that specially speaks to Steve is “Love’s in Need of Love Today.” “We all need love, and we need more of it,” he says.

Track 5 – Continuing the amorous theme, “Recipe for Romance” is a Carrington composition with a Latin vibe — a dynamically dance-able delight for lovers.

Track 6 – “Dear John,” Freddie Hubbard’s tribute to the great John Coltrane classic “Giant Steps,” was a natural for the Jazz Healer. “Trane is one of my heroes,” Steve says.

Track 7- The classic ballad “A Time for Love” is another example of the Jazz Healer’s natural gravitation to tunes that showcase the vocalist — and a perfect showcase for the singin’, swingin’ sound of Steve’s sax.

Track 8 – The Art Blakey-inspired “UMC” is Steve’s deeply personal tribute to his late uncle, Marcellus Carrington. The career military man and decorated officer, a veteran of Desert Storm, was “a cool kind of guy and somebody I always looked up to,” his nephew recalls. “I went into the Army because of him.” In Uncle Marcellus’ honor, hear Steve’s sax earn its stripes, military bugle-style.

Track 9 – On this penultimate track, Steve gives the standard “Willow Weep For Me” the royal, old-school treatment. “It speaks to the very heart of jazz,” he explains, with its inflections of gospel, blues, and the artistry of the inimitable Stanley Turrentine.

Track 10 – And for the finale … a funky flood of feeling. The album’s end note is Steve’s ravishing rendition of “Deluge” by Wayne Shorter. “He’s one of the musicians I most admire,” says the Jazz Healer, whose sax stirs up a storm, as drummer Brandon Lewis contributes thundering percussion. “That’s the spirit of swing right there,” Steve concludes.

Don’t let April be the “cruelest” month – make it the “caring-est” with the sounds of “A Caring Tone”!

Hear why The Jazz Healer’s friend and mentor, Kenny Garrett, says:

“The spirit of Steve’s music and robust sound demands that you take a listen.”

Take a listen to “A Caring Tone” today.

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