The vibrant, full-bodied sound that emerges from Steve Carrington’s saxophone is at once old-school and avant-garde. From his childhood in East Baltimore to his tour of duty in the United States Army… from his dedicated musicianship to his medical scholarship… Steve’s lifetime of varied experiences yield a signature musical style that is dynamic, powerful, and deeply spiritual. The depth of his interpretation… the confidence in his approach… his rich, expressive tone… all conspire to stir the soul.


Here’s how Chick Corea described the experience of hearing the Jazz Healer play. After inviting Steve to sit in on a recent performance at New York’s legendary Blue Note, he said: “Keep that big, beautiful smile and that big, beautiful sound.”


Steve’s big sound and even bigger smile change the energy in any venue, from a low-key, late-night gig at The Fat Cat, to an elegant, early-evening concert at the Atrium in Jazz at Lincoln Center. While playing, Steve causes his tenor sax to chuckle. While pausing to listen to his bandmates, he can’t help but accompany them with his unmistakable, infectious laughter — it’s a musical instrument all by itself!